Nanjing band Angry Jerks was established in 2000 and has steadily built a passionate following to their psychobilly punk music. The band has played hundreds of performances and released four albums including Melanin (2001), My Life (2003), Nanjing Alarm (2006) and most recently Angry Jerks (2008). They are the oldest punk band in Nanjing and revered as pioneers in their local rock n’ roll scene. Angry Jerks recently added an upright bass to round out their blend of traditional punk, gothic, old skull punk, rockabilly and jazz.

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While Geng Xin might be the virtuoso, the musician’s musician, Xie is the artist. It’s from him that the group gets much of it’s energy and emotion. He is not only the frontman and vocalist on stage, but also the voice of the band off it, the one who provides the interview soundbites, the one the girls want their photos taken with.

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