Midi Awards Nomination – Who Rocks Out Best in China?

Now in their second year, the Midi Awards remain the one and only rock music awards in China. Those who have contributed most to the still growing rock music industry in China over the past year will be honored at the Star Live on New Year’s Eve, where Beijing’s rock royalty will gather to collect awards and take to the stage – and Midi has just revealed the award nominations. If you have trouble following what’s what in Chinese rock, this is a whole list ofthe best of 2010. (Click on the links to have a listen.)

On Tuesday the judges met at Yugong Yishan to finalize the nominations – a group comprising 128 representatives from record labels, live music venues, related associations, media and fans. Their final list covers 12 categories and includes 31 nominees.
Miserable Faith has won the most love so far with seven nominations (including two songs nominated as “Song of the Year”). Helen Feng, singer of Free the Birds (formerly Ziyo) will be the English host of the night while defending her title of Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

Here comes the full list of nominees:

Album of the Year

Explain You (释你) by Reflector
Wave (浪潮) by Queen Sea Big Shark
XXX (30) by Twisted Machine
Bloom (盛开) by Miserable Faith

Bloom by Miserable Faith

Song of the Year

“Grow Up” (长大) by Reflector
“Bloom” (盛开) by Miserable Faith
“The Most Beautiful Day of Life” (生命中最美丽的一天) by Miserable Faith
“Non Omnipotent Comedy”(不万能的喜剧) by Omnipotent Youth Society
“Kill That Shijiazhuanger” (杀死那个石家庄人) by Omnipotent Youth Society

Queen Sea Big Shark

Best Rock Performance By Group With Vocals

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰
Reflector 反光镜
Queen Sea Big Shark 后海大鲨鱼
Miserable Faith 痛仰
Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店

Best Male Rock Vocal Performance

Gao Hu高虎 from Miserable Faith
Liang Long 梁龙 from Second Hand Rose
Xie Tianxiao 谢天笑
Yu Sheng 虞笙
Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou 左小祖咒

Free The Birds

Best Female Rock Vocal Performance
Helen Feng 冯海宁 from Free The Birds
Fu Han 付菡 from Queen Sea Big Shark
Kang Mao抗猫from SUBS
Wu Hongfei 吴虹飞 from Happy Avenue
Zha Kexin 查可欣

Best Hard Rock Performance

Reflector 反光镜
Misandao 蜜三刀
Twisted Machine 扭曲的机器
Miserable Faith 痛仰
Xie Tianxiao 谢天笑


Best Metal Performance

Lingyi 零壹
Twisted Machine 扭曲的机器
Si Wu 肆伍
Yaksa 夜叉
Suffocate 窒息

Best Rock Instrumental Performance

Diao Lei 刁磊 – drummer of Candy Gun and Spring Autumn
Guan Wei 关伟 – guitar of Muma & Thrid Party
Kou Zhenyu 寇征宇 – guitar of Suffocate and Spring Autumn
Wang Nan 王囝 – guitar of Brain Failure and DH&Chinese Hell Cat
Xie Si歇斯 – guitar

Best Live Performance

Second Hand Rose 二手玫瑰
Queen Sea Big Shark后海大鲨鱼
Twisted Machine 扭曲的机器
Miserable Faith 痛仰
Xie Tianxiao 谢天笑

Best New Artist

Namo 南无
Omnipotent Youth Society 万能青年旅店
Army of Jade Kirin 玉麟军
Zha Kexin查可欣
Finger Family 指人儿

Go East by New Pants

Best Album Art

Men Should be Self-reliant (男人裆自强) by Slap
Wave (浪潮) by Queen Sea Big Shark
The Last Night of Monsters (落幕之舞) by Gemini
1983 by Icing Dolls
Go East by New Pants

Contribution to China

Fenghua Qiushi 风华秋实文化
Midi School 迷笛音乐学校
Modern Sky 摩登天空唱片

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