I’m a little late with the news, but folk rockers Second Hand Rose are back with a new album! they’re known for fusing rock with Chinese traditional instruments and influences, especially 二人转 – a form of local “story-telling” folk dance and song from Northeast China – which you can hear in lead singer Liang Long’s way of singing. fun fact: they’re also known for Liang Long’s penchant for cross-dressing..but only on stage.

‘Fairy’, the first single off the album, has some really lush, sweeping arrangements of traditional instruments (dizi! guzheng flourishes! there’s also a great suona player!) combined with good old guitar/bass/drums, plus the occasional falsetto opera cry. fitting, I think, for a song with a name like ‘Fairy’. 

more fun facts: the album cover you see here was drawn by famous Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Xiaogang. he’s best known for his Bloodline series of family portraits, which look nothing like this – I guess he’s having some fun portraying a band known for their stage antics. you can also see the other version of the cover here.


wow, they really have a unique sound!
China Radio International Sound Stage did an episode with the band, check out that post HERE.
Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰) douban, Second Hand RoseRock in China wiki

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