Anniedora "永無島 Neverland" – Asia Versus – #2 (by ASIA VERSUS)

A couple of Taiwan bands have posted about going to Japan, but I wasn’t sure what they were talking about until nowL: a music contest called Asia Versus.
Anniedora(安妮朵拉) was in one of the earliest shows, singing the beautiful Neverland.
“Discover new gifted & talented musicians from all over Asia!” Brand new music audition program from Tokyo to the world. Each episode features introduction 8 original songs from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, & Taiwan, and 2 stage performing by the finalists.
“Don’t miss the new stars arising from Asia!”
Japan: aired by Fuji TV (フジテレビ) in every friday midnight.
Indonesia: aired by MNC in every saturday and sunday night.
Taiwan: aired by Formosa TV (民視) in every saturday midnight.
Korea: To Be Determined
Follow the clip back to YT to see all of the contestants. I’ll post the C-indies.

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