The Next Big Thing 2013 大團誕生:包子虎|war on one way (by TheNextBigThingTW)

Another night of showcase sets from StreetVoice/The Next Big Thing TW, recorded in early July.
Bowztiger (包子虎樂團) was one of the bands, the quartet of 3 girls and one guy play noisy guitar rock. (2 more songs from their set to hear, just follow the clip back to YT)
By the way, drummer Stephanie ‘cat’ Li is in this band, as well as The Capelin (柳葉魚) and Super Tortoise (超級龜).
The Capelin are doing some shows in September; Super Tortoise were busy gigging this summer, and I think Bowztiger may have been the most active of the three.
Looking at the fb for both Super Tortoise and Bowztiger, the two bands may have sorta merged…? I think they now have the same bass player. Hard to tell, they just use nicknames, not actual names.
But on the Bowztiger page, they mentioned having new members, earlier in the year. And they have also done some shows together, which would certainly be convenient, LOL. =D


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