Miss D.D & 范曉萱 MV “Everybody Loves A Lover” (by vegetarianfishvideo)

Mavis Fan (范曉萱) and 100% are not a super-active band, but Mavis is always busy. (acting, modeling, film festivals).
In 2012 she produced her mother’s debut ep, Miss D.D, and if you follow the clip back to YT, you can see some documentary clips of the making of the album.
Here is the blurb from YesAsia:
Once upon a time, a 17-year-old woman gave birth to a baby girl. After a divorce two years later, the woman had no choice but to give up her artistic aspirations and bring up her daughter all on her own. Fast-forward a few years, this baby girl, Mavis Fan, has grown up into an accomplished singer, and in 2012, she finally convinced her mother (nicknamed D.D) to realize her music dream. So Mavis led D.D into the studio for the very first time, and tailored this English-language mini-album for her as a Mother’s Day gift. Endowed with a seasoned but beautiful voice, Miss D.D performs five oldies, including her duet with Mavis on Doris Day’s Everybody Loves a Lover. There’s also the Mavis-written movie theme song Have a Good Life from Lover’s Discourse, which earned a nomination at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.
I have to say this is a beautiful story, and I admire Mavis for helping put this together! =D
By the way, VegetarianFish is Mavis’ site, lots of photos, news, etc.


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