This is a clip of Zhou Qing playing during LinDi’s art exhibition special event in Shanghai. (2013.9.12)
The video has 2 traditional Chinese classical songs, played on 2 kinds of flutes. A very peaceful sound emerges during the first song, and then Zhou Qing picks up a much different instrument @ 4:00, gives a brief explanation, and then plays again; this time the sound is much more lively, with the music swirling & flying around like a bird. Amazing! =D
LinDi joined Zhou Qing for Flute / Pipa duets on traditional Chinese pieces, but as you can see in the mirror reflection, LinDi was the one holding the camera, so there are no videos of them together, LOL.
The solo art exhibition was called The Dream Beast’s Corner, and it ran from August 24 to September 22. More info and examples from the show HERE.


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