This past Friday, there was a beautiful concert at Tiehua Music Village in *Taitung City, with Suming (約翰淑敏) and Ikuko Harada of the Japanese band, clammbon.
Taiwan Indie Music YouTube channel has all of this show, with a solo set from each musician, and a few songs with Suming & Ikuko Harada together.
[That YT channel has an immense amount of videos – over 9000! – many of Aboriginal folk and rock bands.]
By the way, clammbon played at The WALL tonight, with Staycool, and The Girl and the Robots.
*Taitung City is located in south east Taiwan, on the coast. (a very difficult drive from Taipei, much easier travel by air or train)
If you look at Tiehua address in Google street view, you can see helpful daytime panoramic views of Tiehua Village. Rotate the view control to pan around!
Looks like a simple market, art colony, bar, and live music venue.
And if you have watched live clips from Tiehua, you may have noticed how the ‘stage’ area seems very different from event to event; this is because sometimes they use the actual stage, occasionally they play on the grass, and very often the band will set up right against one of the main buildings. (possibly for shelter from rain – Taitung has a tropical monsoon climate). I think they probably have indoor shows as well.
There is a very informative article about Tiehua Music Village from the Taipei Times in English: HERE.


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