From this past Sunday at Legacy Taipei, here is Beijing’s Second Hand Rose (二手玫瑰).
They sound so powerful, and really create an atmosphere.
This song has a bit of a *break halfway through – for kind of a meditation or a story (?) – but they build back up into the song, finishing with great intensity.
So far, there are 4 clips to see from this show I believe the entire concert is now uploaded, just head back to YT!
*Thanks to dramarathon, for filling in what was happening during the bass player’s soliloquy: [Hey, um so the second hand rose song you posted, the strange interlude, yeah he says some random funny stuff, and some politically charged stuff, all in rhyme with a mocking kind of tone, which is why people laugh. The entire part is sort of repeating like “blah is our country’s, and blah is your country’s” multiple times, then towards the climax, he just repeats “这一切的一切“ which means "all of this” it’s interesting cos the band is well known for their taking from traditional recitation style.]


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