Here is Big Pie Chou (州大派隊) She/they have a lo-fi acoustic rock sound. The live clips I’ve seen, she plays acoustic and is accompanied by a guy on electric guitar, with a lot of echo effect on his sound.

I think fans of Ben Ben will like this. There are 2 more songs to hear at SoundCloud.

If you do a YT search for 州大派隊, you’ll find some live clips.

我做著一個夢阿 醒來躺在你的床上
清晨披上你的外套 走在你人生前往的道路上
別生氣 我們只是在巨大的迷宮中打轉
出口即是 死亡那就盡情迷路吧
風吹著看草低伏 我趕在天黑前回家
都市暗街窗燈亮 我趕在天黑前回家
音樂唱腳跳舞動 我趕在天黑前回家
陽光曬海雨落下 我趕在天黑前回家


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