From 2009 at Riverside Live House, this is Sandee Chan singing City, by Deserts Chang.
Deserts came onstage after the song, and was very emotional. I wonder if she was surprised that Sandee covered her song? In any case, it certainly seemed to overwhelm her at the moment. (LOL, once she got the mic in her hand, she didn’t wanna give it back!)
Maybe one of my helpful readers can tell me why Deserts is crying?
Got help from dramarathon; the sign being held up says, ‘F**K’.
“Deserts’ speech after that: (this seems right after City album came out) the whole reason I went to learn piano, and to learn how to make music better is all because of Sandee, who she’s just been an ardent fan of. Sandee was the person who showed her that music wasn’t just about talent and recognition by others, but also about how the process makes herself feel and learn. So I wanna dedicate album to Sandee, no one has treated me like this before. (she seems drunk n depressed at that time)”
Another helpful comment came in at the same time, from butaneandthebeast:
“Deserts is crying, can’t stop, Sandee tells her to hold the sign up in front of her face (it says fuck). Then D says "I’ll tell you why I’m crying This person *points to S* is why I learnt piano & improved my music. She showed me that music isn’t only about fame also about creating & feeling about myself. I’d wished that I could make good songs, & now Sandee’s covering them. So I’m dedicating this album to her, she’s the first person to be like this with me”
Thanks so much to dramarathon and butaneandthebeast! =D


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