New video from Yuran 樂人 Session, a nice, bluesy tune from a band that is called Mess Up The Company / 白日夢 (Daydreams).
The song is called Mess Up The Company. (their band motto?)
The promotional efforts of this band are a bit confusing; they direct fb readers to a site called Mess-Up-The-Company, and when you go there, that song will play automatically. But the site is just for people to anonymously submit silly subversive ideas to ‘mess up’ the workplace. And if you look at promo from the links I’ve included, you’ll see different names on many of them. The playlist on both StreetVoice & iNDIEVOX has a graphic that reads, ’Daydreams Worth’.
Ivy Hsu is the main songwriter, and ‘Pig’ is the guitarist. Those are the listed full time members, but they gig with the bassist 郭大樹 (BT) & a percussionist most of the time.
You can visit Ivy’s YT channel, hear a lot of songs at StreetVoice, iNDIEVOX.
I’m quite enjoying the acoustic blues tunes I’m hearing so far. Ivy sings in both English and Chinese. Gonna try to pin down the actual name of the band. Perhaps it’s only me that’s confused – they have 5600 fans on fb, so a Chinese-speaking fan will know them mainly by their C-name, 白日夢. (as with other artists)
UPDATE: Both Yuran Session and the bass player replied to me that the band go by Mess Up The Company in English and 白日夢 (Daydreams) in Chinese.


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