My 8 Day Weekend (週休八日), with a beautiful and hypnotic song recorded for Yuran 樂人 Session. (I don’t wanna be greedy, but I really hope the Yuran crew recorded 2 songs, as they have sometimes done.)
The band just completed their gig slate for the Dear Musik Cabin Songs tour, 12 performances in small, unusual venues over the spring & fall.
I can’t think about My 8 Day Weekend without being reminded of Mrs. This (這位太太), because they share 3 members.
Mumu said something on the Mrs. This facebook the other day – which I may have misinterpreted – that led me to think that band might have broken up due to a falling out between Mumu and her longtime friend & songwriting partner, 黑郎. =(
Other than Mrs. This-related things, I can’t find any trace of 黑郎. (not even tagged in band photos!) Do any of you know if she is still making music?


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