The Christmas Waltz, covered by Peggy Hsu, Eric Hsu (guitar), and Hang Liu (cello).
A warm treat for a frigid day! =D
Peggy and Le Cirque will be celebrating Christmas in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei. Looking at the Singapore entertainment site, the “audience to the concert are encouraged to bring a small gift to exchange with other audience members and Peggy Hsu during the intermission. Peggy will select a gift from under the tree and the gifter will receive a special Christmas present from the songbird. Each audience member who brings a gift will also receive a small concert memorabilia in return.
The Singapore show is on Saturday, December 21st at Switch SG.
By the way, did you know that Peggy has been the host of a 1 hour radio show on POP radio 91.7 FM since 2009? Just noticed that on her Wikipedia page. The show is called Taste of Music Creativity, and it is broadcast on Saturdays, 9-10 (TW time).
Have any of you heard her radio show?


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