Here is Wu Wen-Fang (吳汶芳) again, with the 2nd half (46 minutes) of her show from last Sunday at Legacy mini @ Amba.
Part 1 video (30 minutes) is back at Edison505’s YT channel. You can see the timing of each song, and select to begin play by their starting points. I’ve heard a few songs so far, and it’s really nice.
Getting the big exposure on those idol shows is quite a head start for a career, you can see that by the follower numbers on fb. But when the contests are over, it’s good to see the performer keep plugging away: putting up clips on YT, busking, playing the small venues.
By the way, I’ve seen so many clips and photos of the back wall of that stage, and it was only just today I realized it was strips of Denim/fabric, not a clever paint job. D’oh!


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