This is an audio only clip of Debbie Hsiao /蕭賀碩, from an extended interview/performance she did at POP Radio FM 91.7 in Taipei.
Everything (commercials/talking, etc.) has been cut out except for the 4 songs, just vocal & piano. A very intimate performance!
Recorded in April, around the release of 繆思 尋 Musicians. The title translates to something like ‘muse searching’, and sounds phonetically like ‘musicians’ (Móu sī xún).
The songs: 1. Musicians 2. 相信 (Believe) 3. 我只在乎你 (I only care about you ) 4. 大失眠 (Big Insomnia)
By the way, this YT channel has lots of audio from POP Radio 91.7, going back at least a year, all from 哲緯’s ‘Music Whisper’ show. (mon-fri 11 pm-1 am, local time)


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