Taimaica Soundsystem (台買加環繞音效) with Zhao Miu from IGU band (那我懂你意思了) on keyboards.
This clip sounds so great, I really wish the uploader had posted more video!
More about Taimaica Soundsystem (Taimaca = Taiwan+Jamaica):
They have been a much larger ensemble, with horns and DJs, and for a while (May 2008), BenBen Lin joined on keys, after she had left the band Freckle!
Amidst the member shuffling, they took a long break in early 2009, but resumed activity in late 2010.
According to the LONG list of changes on their fb about page, they still had new musicians come and go in 2012 and 2013. I guess they always can come up with enough live bodies to take the stage, ‘cos they’ve done a lot of festival shows.
Found more info about the band in English over at a Pinvents show listing: They originally formed as DJs only outfit, just to promote dub music in Taiwan, but then they added live musicians and wrote songs, with the goal of being the ‘very first live dub band in Taiwan’.


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