As you will recall, Chocolate Tiger received an invite to this year’s sxsw festival in Austin, Texas. =)
But after the initial excitement, comes the realization that it is up to each band to pay their own way. So the band is doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the trip, with various thank you rewards at the different pledge levels. They are off to a great start so far – 32% 34% 35% 41% 44% 46% 56% 58% of the goal has been raised! =D
Here is the link to FlyingV funding site.
Here is a translation of the fundraiser announcement from that site:
Selected this year SXSW, we are super excited, but then comes the real pressure, so I have this dream of the possibility of practice have to think, because to go to Austin to participate in this tone season, all costs must be borne by the orchestra itself, including airfare , accommodation, local transportation, and most importantly, performance equipment, we have set ourselves, to move themselves, their own assembly, count down to one person to nearly 10 million Taiwan dollars in spending, we are self-reliant young man, this pen huge costs, with our own strength is unaffordable … As we launch scheduled early in 2014 included two new songs handmade demo, summer will release their second album, and we hope we can use the demo, the new album as well as with album Parallel merchandise for fundraising. We really hope to be able to SXS W, in addition to the dream can show our music out there, but I hope you can stand on the SXSW stage, facing the audience from around the world shout out: “! We come from Taiwan,” urge We support our fund-raising plan.


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