This may be the oldest live clip we’ve ever posted: We Save Strawberries (草莓救星) from Spring Scream 1999!
The song plays throughout, and in addition to the band on stage, we see bits of the festival scene, including travel down south by train, hitchhiking to the festival grounds, soundcheck, etc.. It’s kind of comforting to see how this experience remains essentially the same, 15 years later – looks just like photos from Spring Scream 2013. =)
In 1999, the band were still quite new, having formed in 1998. It looks like at least 3 members (Labi, ARNY, and Hyphen) have been with them from the very beginning.
The little blurb on the WSS fb translates: ‘third album being recorded> process “very” tortuous.’
To that, I will attempt to say: 加油! Jiāyóu! Come On! Let’s Go! Fighting! =D
By the way, Spring Scream 2014 takes place April 3-6. Band & DJ applications are being accepted now! (from Jan 23 to the Feb 9 deadline)


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