A bit of comic relief: I think this is an OrangeGrass (橙草) rehearsal, with guest drummer Fin Huang (黃郁婷). The OrangeGrass drummer (黃士瑋) turns on the camera, and tries to pose triumphantly on his drum kit. Unsuccessfully, LOL!
OrangeGrass (along with Bearbabes and 2 other bands) will be doing 2 gigs in Tokyo this weekend, part of a musical exchange called Romantic Taiwan.
I was looking at the other clips on this YT channel, and I think they were all promos for a show that took place on Dec. 26 at Legacy, with the bands Orangegrass, Vulner, TRASH, and Mister Mouth taking part. Each band also had a special guest, and I think the theme of the night was drummers. Something like 4 drummers who knew each other growing up, and now all play in bands.
The Vulner special guest drummer was Kai-Tong Zheng from Tizzy Bac.


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