Waa Wei and the song 沒有關係 from her 2010 album, 優雅的刺蝟 (Graceful Porcupine is the English title).
Waa played this near the end of her show today, after playing a song by Carrchy. (Some of you may know that Carrchy wrote one of the songs on Waa’s first album, 甜蜜生活 La Dolce Vita from 2007)
So anyway, I was enjoying the tune and decided to look up the lyrics at mojim.com; guess what, the music for 沒有關係 was written by FLY from Carrchy! (Waa wrote the lyrics)
If you are ever curious about a particular song or album, mojim is a good site because they almost always will tell you who the composer/lyricist are, along with the lyrics. (They sometimes even have multiple video links on the side.)
This is especially helpful if you have actually bought the cd but can’t read any of the Chinese titles/lyrics/credits.
But getting back to Waa, if you go through her albums over at mojim.com, you can see many collaborations/covers with a wide variety of musicians. What got me going on this ‘investigation’ was a song she played on her radio show the other day, by Dadado Huang Jie (黃玠). I thought it was Dadado covering one of Waa’s most famous songs, but actually, it was originally his own song!
Before I post the Dadado version, I’ll give you a chance to make a guess, to see if you know what song I’m talking about…. What is the answer?


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