One of my favorite clips yet from CRI’s The Sound Stage!
The band Meat Sucks (米特夏克) from Wuhan.
The quintet plays heavy alt rock, introducing even a tiny bit of death growl behind the female lead vocal. The song is sung in English, with Chinese/English subtitles.
The silly skit in the beginning almost made me spit out my beer, and the last comment by one of the band members was also pretty funny. (the band got a kick out of it as well; I imagine that guy is probably the one (every band has one) to come up with the jokes or goofs. =D
In this clip, the music starts right after the opening, and then the interview is at the end)
I haven’t had a chance to listen to their songs on Douban, so I can’t say where this song is in terms of how heavy they get. But anyway, check it out!


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