Check out this 2 minute clip of Chocolate Tiger on their trip to sxsw last month. They look so excited to be there! =D
Here’s a translation (rough translation, but you get the idea) of what they posted with the video:
[Hello everyone, we are the Chocolate Tiger, formed by郑宜农, Xu Mei, Hiko and Celine. March of this year, we selected a list of Texas at Austin SXSW Music Festival performances, and was arranged three performances. Go SXSW performances on stage shouting “We come from Taiwan ~” always wanted to do our thing, in order to achieve this goal, we FlyingV website on hand to demo and pre-order the album scheduled for release this year be raised by way of capital, and finally raised to the success of the target amount, Shun Lee to SXSW, and now we want to hold to return to share in 4/26, to see and hear and feel there are shared to everyone, in addition to chat, we also prepared a complete set of songs number of close performances, this event will be super fun, and I hope you can see everyone in there, be there or be square! ! ! ! !]

They’ll be at Somebody CAFE in Taipei on the 26th, kind of a belated homecoming show.


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