This is not… awesome. =D
But there are some familiar faces in this band – Yakult Psyche / 愛的養樂多: Riecky Lu from NineteenTael playing keyboard instead of violin; Russy Ing aka Dudu from Miss Stocking, playing drums instead of bass; Zulin Wu, who leads his own band 929, playing bass instead of guitar; and Alulu Kuo on accordion and vocal.
Alulu & Riecky used to also play in Miss Stocking.
Dudu & Riecky are also members of Smokering.
Lots of connecting branches on the TW indie tree, LOL. This group seems strictly for fun, they didn’t seem at all fazed by any mistakes made in this clip. (From Spring Scream 2014)
By the way Riecky just announced a new personal site called Soundtrack Music.
She’s got a bunch of her songs & lyrics posted. It’s not a super-slick web design, but check it out, ‘cos she is very talented, and a cool cat!


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