some random drums, some promo:
Echo drummer Chun-yu Mu, wearing gold gloves. (less for the added grip, and more for the photo, I imagine)
Wing Yu set up her kit in the forest for a music video shoot – no idea what project this is for…?
Jhan Yu Chi (seated center) finished her 200 Starbucks gigs. What comes next for Yu…?
Swing Shine play two fests in two days: 5/1 WuXi Folk Festival, 5/2 KunShan isong Music Festival
Tizzy Bac’s Hui-Ting Chen has something in the works; I can’t read the banner, so I’ll guess a solo album. Anybody able to confirm/refute?
Big thank you to butaneandthebeast, confirming that is an album title for Hui-ting! =D
I wonder how much different her solo sound will be to her band sound? And also, what other musicians are playing on the project?

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