Listen/purchase: Playing by Lin Di

This is from The Gossypium Era, released in 2013, but apparently written years earlier. A beautiful and intimate work, now about to be realized in concert:
“Lin Di’s The Gossypium Era quietly came out last year November, and was quickly noticed. The album was created as early as 2006, but only published in 2013. The delivery was so long because she reached for perfection. In the current downturn of the record industry, to spend three years and three different designs to get the album cover just right is a tell-tale sign of Tree Music’s unique aspirations. The sound recording also saw major revisions over a period of two years. It was carefully fine-tuned by famous producers and recording engineers such as Liu Xing, Su Qian and Zhang Jie. In the end The Gossypium Era became Lin Di’s most time and labor intensive piece of work.
On top of that this album release concert has become the largest challenge in her musical career so far. Besides the fact that the members of her rock band Cold Fairyland have had to put down their electric guitars and synthesizers, they are also joined by folk music masters. A line-up of eleven people will bring you a concert that is unlike what Lin Di’s has ever done before. “Sound naturally, meet through the soul”
, Lin Di will make you forget modern life for an hour and a half, put phones, photo cameras and other electronic equipment to rest, open your heart to replenish from nature’s originary wondrousness, follow the pulse of the performers into the “plain, pure, vast” world of the Gossypium.”

[more info, including promo]


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