New singer/songwriter from the mainland, this is 徐菲 Xu Fei.
I think she is trained as a nurse or doctor – the songs were tagged with 蘑菇大夫徐菲 (Mushroom Doctor Xu Fei). The blurb I read seemed to say that she works as a nurse, and her friends call her doctor. (that’s the translation, anyway) =D
If you google video search for 蘑菇大夫徐菲, there are some clips, but mostly on China sites. (I just watched a lovely clip HERE, a song that isn’t on this release)
Her 3 song debut is available for PWYW at iNDIEVOX, and you can also listen at her StreetVoice.
2 of the 3 songs seem to be identical, although they have different titles. o.0
Maybe someone can check that for me and see if possibly they are the same music but with different lyrics?
We have help from thesociologist, who figured out the nurse / doctor dilemma: She’s a nurse. Her weibo description says, “Many nurses can sing. But have you seen a singer who can inject needles?” 🙂 Thank you so much! =D


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