Papaver – What If.
This is their new demo song we actually linked to last week, but I just noticed their bass player posted it again, and it reminded me of a helpful search tip I wanted to share with you – not some advanced technical thing, just a tiny helper that will help with certain bands.
If you just search ‘papaver’ in the tumblr dash, you will get almost exclusively flower photos. (papaver is from the poppy family of plants)
So at least for something you have seen here at F Yeah Chinese Indie, you should also search on the actual site.
Which isn’t to say that a search in the tumblr dash is never helpful, of course it is. But for band names that are also common words (Papaver, Awesome Blossom, ball, Ark, Destroyers, Easy, Hedgehog, Nightcap, etc.), you might have better results from the main FYCI page, or at least include the band’s Chinese name characters, if you have them.
Hope that will help you sometime down the road! =D


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