Following on from the last Deserts post, here is the original version of 董小姐.
*Donye.S 宋冬野 Song Dongye is a mainland folk singer/songwriter on Modern Sky label. This song is on his 2013 debut, 安和桥北 (Anhe Bridge). You can hear the full album at douban.
*I include Donye.S, because that is his English name, according to his baike profile.
CRI English has more info about this song, including a lyric translation.
Can anyone tell me more about the singer (石婧) who harmonizes towards the end of the song?
UPDATE: stayinblue has come through with info about 石婧: “I did a google search and apparently she’s not a singer, but a manager at the china indie label 摩登天空 Modern Sky!” Thank you so much for the help! =D


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