Lala Hsu 徐佳瑩 played 2 nights in a row at Legacy Taipei last week, in support of her just-released album, 尋人啟事 (Missing Person).
You can see *most of both shows at Adali Lin’s YT channel. (*26 clips from June 15th, 18 from June 14th, and these include the between song talking/introduction, etc.)
In this video, you can see 黃少雍 Shao-Yong Huang behind and to the left of Lala. He is being DJ in this song, one of the 2 songs he arranged on Missing Person. He also is the bass player for Lala, Waa, & Crowd Lu.
Yong is the music production half of Ma-te Lin.
On his web site you can see all of his projects, shown by album cover, listing his involvement (bass, band member, producer, arranger, etc.) in the project.
He also has a small indie label, Dark Paradise Records, with SoundCloud & Bandcamp playback for Ma-te Lin, Vast & Hazy, Jacuzzi, Robbie Y., and Fever Trend.
Busy guy! =D
He was also kind enough to answer my question about where the members of Fever Trend ended up after they disbanded. (Dr. and 1 Gtr. are now in 擊沈女孩 / Destroyers, and 1 Gtr is in Hijack, so far.)


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