‘Hey sis, can I borrow your band’ =D
Queen Wei (魏如昀) covering Lorde’s mega-hit Royals for Yuran Session.
At least 2 members of Waa’s regular live band are present: Achino (NineteenTael) on keyboard, Shao-Yong Huang (Ma-te Lin) DJ/Production, and I think that is 韩立康 Han Likang on guitar, but I’m not sure.
I don’t recognize the bass player in the clip. Any clues?
The Bass player might be Dawson Chien, he was tagged by Achino in the photo, and he seems to be a bass player. Deductive reasoning!
Big thank you to jakuziyong (Shao-Yong Huang) who confirmed that is Dawson in the video. =D


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