A Good Day Records uploaded this from post-rock band Sugar Plum Ferry (甜梅號), who are now (at least temporarily) going by the name 四分之三搖籃曲 (Three Quarters Lullaby).

UPDATE: the band settled on 微光群島 / Shimmering Islands as their new name.
Their bass player left, and there was some copyright issue about the last album, maybe as an original member he co-owned the rights to the band name? I’m not entirely clear on the situation, but anyway, the band replaced his bass parts from that late 2013 album, also re-mixed & re-packaged with new artwork.
The title was changed from 金光之鄉 / Hometown of Glitter to 微光群島 / Shimmering Islands, and the band invited their fans to compare this new version, titled “7”, to the earlier one: “Goodbye Doomed Genes”.
I listened to the new version, and it’s a powerful epic, so check it out, post-rock peeps!
By the way, the only other time I can recall a band re-recording a former member’s playing is when Ozzy & Sharon Osborne brought in new musicians in 2002 to replace the playing of 2 original members (drummer Lee Kerslake & bassist Bob Daisley) on his 1980’s Blizzard of Ozz and 1981’s Diary of a Madman albums.
Can anybody think of other examples?


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