戏班 (meaning Opera Troupe) – 把你埋在土里 I Bury You in the Ground

I stumbled across this album yesterday in a little art gallery in the M50 creative district along Moganshan Road in Shanghai. (If you guys have a chance, the place is a treasure trove of independent chinese contemporary art galleries.) This particular store had a tiny collection of autographed CDs from a few local indie bands, including rock band Duck Fight Goose, mongolian folk singer 杭盖 Hanggai and Shanghai experimental rock band 顶楼的马戏团 (which means “the circus troupe upstairs”). 

Before yesterday, I’d never heard of 戏班 (his Douban sitebefore, but the awesome shop lady played me this song and I just had to get the album. It’s a brand of experimental folk that draws extensively from mongolian/tibetan roots (I’m not experienced enough to tell clearly). I cant really describe it, except that it’s incredibly haunting and expansive (and would sound amazing in surround sound).

Here are the haunting lyrics fyeahcindie:

把你埋在土里 I bury you in the ground

来年种上一枝花 And plant a flower the next year

把你埋在土里 I bury you in the ground

来年花又生了花 And the flower blooms again the following year

用你腐烂的身体哟 Use your decomposing body

滋润着她 To nourish it

用她销魂的姿色吔 Use it’s mesmerizing beauty

把你忘记 To forget you

把你忘记 To forget you


This is so beautiful! 戏班 Xiban (Troupe), based in Shanghai. The song begins with the simple folk song, expands instrumentally, then returns to the original song for the finish. I’ll have a bit more info and links in the next post…


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