Listen/purchase: Summer 720 b/w 沙鼠E by Bored Spies
Bored Spies: Cherie Ko guitar/vocal/keys, Orestes Morfín drums, Panther Lau bass)
I heard this dreampop trio for the first time during Lush 99.5 FM’s National Day celebration of Singapore indies.
(LOL, they played Summer 720 at least twice yesterday that I know of)
Recorded in summer of 2012, released in January 2013. They did some touring that year, and announced plans to record a full-length. Not sure where that project stands, but they did acknowledge on fb the inclusion in the Lush FM playlist. Their twitter account shows no activity beyond Sept. 2013.
More info at KittyWu Records
More about Cherie Ko from doufuhua: Lovely… I just downloaded their EP from Bandcamp. Thanks for the recommendation! I learned in an interview at Other Sounds that Cherie Ko was in Obedient Wives Club, a band from last year that I quite liked.
Thank you for the info! =D It looks like she’s one of the two guitarists in that unit.


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