This is the folk duo 安与骑兵 /Ān yǔ qíbīng *anqb, I heard them for the first time on the most recent episode of CRI’s The Sound Stage radio broadcast.
If you are not familiar with The Sound Stage, it is Jonathan Alpart’s English language video series and weekly radio show, featuring indie music from all over China.
We have posted Sound Stage content several times, just click the tag for more. The video episode is one band (interview + a song or two), while the radio show is usually around ten bands, with some background on each band from Jonathan.
The radio show is heard on EZFM in China, but I listen on the bandcamp linked above. It is also available as a podcast on iTunes.
Plenty more to hear from this band at their douban page, and lots of videos at their Youku video page.
They seem to be well-represented on YouTube as well, just follow this clip back to YT, and select from the related videos. =D
p.s. *anqb is just the abbreviation on their douban, I’ve seen 安与骑兵 translated as ‘Ann and Cavalry’, and ‘Cattle’.
Can anyone correct the band name?


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