Manic Sheep played a very short set this weekend at Taipei Artist Village. Over 2 days, The Tic Tac and Four Pens also played. I think this is a promo for a larger event that is happening in October. They said something like the gear they played through was more suited to a solo act, but it was free of charge! =P
[Airhead Records presents POP! POP! Rooftop Live Session]
Manic Sheep 2014 North America Tour Dates:
9/5 – Toronto, ON, Canada – Metro Square
9/6 – Ottawa, ON, Canada – avant-garde bar & Gallery
9/7 – Montreal, QC, Canada – L’Hémisphère Gauche
9/8 – Toronto, ON, Canada – The Boat
9/10 – New York, NY, USA – Arlene’s Grocery
9/15 – Brooklyn, NY, USA – Spike Hill

This is the same tour from the previous Utopia post, with another date added in Brooklyn (9/15)


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