Here we have Frandé (法蘭黛樂團) taking part in some Summer Super Slippa promo.
All of the bands taking part in the fest (summer weekends) make a few videos: a couple of announcements of their show date, and one like this video, where they take humorous rapid-fire questions.
If you follow this clip back to YT, you can look at the playlist of festival acts. Keep in mind that the fest is mostly over by now.
I think it’s a nice way to get a view of the band letting their guard down. And for a band with a somewhat serious image, *cough* Frandé *cough*, I appreciate getting to see some laughs and band camaraderie. =D
You may already know that Fran has assembled an all-star band, but anyway from left to right:
Bass player: 許哲毓 Levon Hsu (Tizzy Bac, Green!Eyes)
Drummer: 吳孟諺 Meng Yen/John Wu (Shimmering Islands (fr. Sugar Plum Ferry) , ex-Miss Stocking, ex-Bearbabes)
Vocal: Fran Fran aka Miss Fran.
Guitarist: 昆蟲白 ‘Insecteens’ (Shimmering Islands, Miss Stockings, Silver Bus, Guirum / 吉朗二重奏, Tin Pan Alley / 錫盤街)
Guitarist: 江鎮宇 (My 8 Day Weekend, ex-Mrs.This)
Insecteens was the last member to join Frandé, when they expanded to 5 piece.


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