In this tiny video, PiA demonstrates how easy it is to buy a ticket for the PIA樂團 Ain’t Life A Surprise concert at Legacy Taipei.
We’ve shown this kind of clip before, the process looks pretty easy, eh?
But when you see all of those upcoming shows, it would be so tempting to splurge and buy tix for a bunch of events! 0_0
You can also buy from the Legacy site above. It definitely is a good idea to buy at the advance price, $600 TWD / $20. USD; tickets at the door go for $800 TWD / $26.70 USD.
The only question I have now is who gets the 1 ticket she just bought? =D
Some more on the ticket machines from asianpopweekly: In Taiwan if you buy a ticket at 7-11 and don’t pay for it within 10 minutes it expires, so you have to buy it again. Think she probably just let it expire haha. Thank you for that info! =D


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