Got this album way early this summer when I was moving and super crazy. I liked it at the time and then it got shoved to the wayside in the rush out of China, but it’s being officially released this week in Beijing shoutout to Josh Feola for reminding me) and it’s awesome. So I’m going to listen to it some more. Maybe you should, too.

Listen to: TEENAGARTEN by The Yours


Noisy rock from Hong Kong 5-piece band The Yours / 你们的乐队. Their 2nd full length album, Teenagarten, was released in early June of this year.
Read a very informative recent interview at MusicianGuide.Cn..
The band are about to commence a 12 cities in 12 days tour in China. (that seems insane!) You can also hear them at their douban page.


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