Some fresh things:
Taipei Picnic Club (台北野餐俱樂部) was on Saturday, with performances from Elephant Gym (大象體操) and Freckles 雀斑. – Actually, this Freckles photo was from Beastie Rock.
The upside of having an injured arm and not being able to play guitar: check out Ben Ben hoisting a beer while she sings! =D
There’s a new collaboration between Dadado Huang Jie (黃玠) and The Girl and the Robots, with a performance at Legacy on Nov. 1st. (This is a Dadado solo show with 3 special guest bands, and it’s already sold out)
On paper that seems very strange to pair the acoustic with the synthpop, but we shall see hear…
2 photos of Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea 旅人, taken at Beastie Rock last weekend. The B&W one looks very dramatic, eh? I really like that shot!


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