“Stay… Staaaay… Staaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy…”
Even if she never did anything else, this song alone would put Shuo Hsiao 蕭賀碩 into my TW Indies Hall of Fame. So full of power & emotion, even with just acoustic guitar accompaniment!
This is from last weekend’s MoriFest. It looks like her complete set is uploaded, just follow the clip back to YT.
By the way, I’ve been calling her Debbie Hsiao, but I saw a recent post on her fb that she prefers Shuo Hsiao:

[多多少少有一些新朋友稱呼我Debbie, 我想應該是從維基百科上看到的,請問有人可以幫忙註解嗎?2008年的紐約行引發我改了自己的英文名字,I am Shuo. SHUO is my name and it really represents who I am.]

She may be referring to the English wiki page for the 2008 Golden Melody Awards (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/19th_Golden_Melody_Awards)
Her Chinese language wiki page lists her English name as Shuo Hsiao.
As always, I appreciate any clarification = ??


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