Deer are the Hong Kong duo of Adriana Martinez an Miguel Basida, (both originally from Mexico) (Hear Deer at SoundCloud)

The band sent me their new cd and asked me to give an honest review. Well, I’m happy to say I enjoyed it very much! =D

Out of the 8 songs, it is divided between 2/3 electronica / downtempo performed by the duo, and the rest are jazzier songs with help from Aldo Quino on drum kit. Adriana displays a beautiful, warm voice throughout.

Deer strive to create a trance-like mood with some of these pieces, and they mostly succeed. Just One Way and How I Feel are two songs where I was pulled in completely, but Bittersweet Farewell For Life needs a ‘B’ section, the arrangement is just too static.

The last 3 songs (Someone Like You, Comenzar, Easy) were recorded live in Yinchuan, China as a trio with Aldo on drums. It makes sense that these were grouped together, rather than the cd flow being broken up with alternating electronic vs. band identities. Thinking back on the release as whole, I wonder which way the band is trending? Toward the electronica, or the ensemble?

The addition of live drummer brings to life any band, and can even make electronica feel organic. (I’m reminded of Olivia Yan & Utopia, when they had Focker on drums for a short time) I would love to hear these ’two’ Deers – the trippy & the jazzy – become one.


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