A bit of recent stuff:
Mini Sadon (山東) and her band The Fader played a fashion event, (Sadon has become a Vans spokesperson, I think) and followed that up with a set at Legacy. Their regular bass player Jack was unavailable, so Hyphen from We Save Strawberries (草莓救星) sat in with The Fader. =D
P!SCO are in Malaysia, and the music festival organizers had the bands go out and plant trees. Pretty cool! But notice how the musicians are observing, while the roadie digs the hole? o.0
Doris Yeh the bass player from ChthoniC (閃靈) spoke at the Taiwan solidarity rally for at the Occupy Central HK.
The night after his gig at Kafka with NineteenTael (十九兩), Achino was back onstage with Echo (回聲樂團), for their homecoming show in Hsinchu.
Achino plays with so many people; if you are a young musician and wonder why bother to learn to read music, think of Achino. Just this year, he’s played with Waa Wei, Lala Hsu, Queen Wei, Huiting Chen, Echo. (probably more bands than that)
He’s also in an accordion trio, I think.
Anyway, you get my point. If you are skilled, versatile and can read music, you’ll stay busy! =D


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