past, present, future:
Paige Su (蘇珮卿) had a close encounter of the Yao Ming kind at Simple Life Shanghai. (Waa also played the fest, but missed the obvious photo op, LOL)
Deserts & Algae (張懸) still in America, and I believe they have added at least 2 shows. I think these east coast gigs have been very well attended, leading to extra bookings =D (photo from a NYC gig by Jane, posted on the Deserts Anpu fb).
Papaver posted a new banner for this weekend, Revolver last night and In Our Time tonight.
Manic Sheep, The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine 閃閃閃閃, The Tic Tac, Four Pens (四枝筆樂團), Colored Whale (染色鯨魚) are playing Pop! Pop! Fest (Airhead Records putting this on: 3 days, 3 locations)
Elisa Lin (林依霖) is getting ready to release her new album, beginning with a show at Riverside on Oct. 26th; that artwork looks very classy!
Waa Wei Ruxuan (魏如萱) bought a ticket to her own Hide & Seek show (j/k) in Hong Kong, November 12th.
Mary See The Future, looking fierce and promoting 3 consecutive Sunday shows for November.


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