Just a note for my tmblr friend #placidian . This song by KanKan (侃侃) is a rendition of a famous poem by Li Qingzhao (李清照 – 1081–c. 1141), a woman poet from the Song dynasty. KanKan is better known for an earworm she wrote, 滴答 (Dida, or ‘TicToc’, for the sound of a clock), that could be heard everywhere in Yunnan in 2011. Most of her other songs are fairly standard chinese pop ballads, nice but not to my taste, but that’s what the market likes… Nothing on Itunes, but plenty on Youtube and Xiami. The version of this song on KanKan’s album (on Xiami) is actually sang a-capella. I have no idea who did the music for the Youtube video.

BTW, Gong Linna also sang a couple of Li Qingzhao’s poems, especially 却上心头 (que shang xin tou), which is in another of my 8tracks mixes, and another one I can’t remember the name…

Li Qingzhao’s poetry is just fabulous. I now think it’s worth learning Chinese if only to be able to read Chinese poetry!… Li Bai, Su Dongpo, Li Qingzhao… all extraordinary poets. Chinese poetry is notoriously difficult to translate. This here has French subtitles, that are my own personal take at a translation of that poem, probably very imperfect, but I take full responsibility… I was just dissatisfied with other translations I found.


More on KanKan (侃侃), from kanzi58. If you saw the previous posted 8tracks mix, it began with 2 songs from KanKan, and they were more acoustic folk than this, as I recall. (I tried to refresh my memory, but 8tracks will shuffle the playback to a mix you recently heard, LOL)


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