Hey peeps, look what beautiful surprise came in the mail for me – BARK magazine! @doufuhua picked this up for me when he was in Taiwan recently, how thoughtful, thank you so much! =D
This is the issue we posted about a few weeks ago. My shaky camera skills didn’t do this justice, but I wanted to post a couple of shots.
Inside, there is a feature for each singer from the cover, all including beautiful photos and an article/interview(?) about their individual bands. One section was devoted to a 12 topic survey/questionnaire. (No idea what this was about, it seems meant to be fun)
Lots of music scene content: album release blurbs; indie band features/news; a few international bands; calendar of upcoming shows, etc.
There’s a 2-page spread comparing established stars with their solo/side projects (e.g. Cheer Chen vs. The Verse, Hebe Tien vs. S.H.E., etc.)

This is just a taste of what’s covered in the issue, it’s quite substantial. And not a lot of advertising, which surprised me.
I’m going to have to ask the editor at BARK for an English translation! =D

Thank you again to doufuhua! By the way, he told me he saw 2 great shows while he was on his trip: Freckles (I think this was a Next Big Thing TW showcase at Legacy Taipei?) and Da Bang 大棒 (at Hidden Agenda in Hong Kong).


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