The Next Big Thing TW uploaded clips from at least two past showcases this week!  First up, Vector The Bike 向量單車. Vector includes 4 present or former members of The Shine & Shine & Shine & Shine 閃閃閃閃: 的馬摳 Makoto-voc/keys, 小妹 Dixon-gtr/voc, 阮眯 Mimi Ruan-gtr, and 阿豬 Remi Chu-bass, along with 吳洌宇 on drums.

And next, the dreamy shoegaze of U.TA 屋塔, with 魚雷 (Urayn) Uta-voc/gtr/harmonica, Garry-voc/bass, Johnny-gtr, 莊韜 JC Tao-drum)

Both performances are from the April 7th, 2016 showcase.  椰子!! Coconuts and 2HRs were also on the bill. 

So far, 3 clips each posted from Vector & U.TA; 2 from 2HRs, but nothing from Coconuts yet.

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