Listen to: and paint our pupils with the ashes by tfvsjs

The new tfvsjs album 在 zoi came out 2 weeks ago, and you can hear 3 of the 10 songs at bandcamp, also available to purchase.  Mighty math rock from Hong Kong!   =D

The band are gonna cover a lot of miles on this tour, beginning with Summer Sonic in Tokyo on August 20th:


They play Taiwan Taipei The Wall 8/27淺堤 shallow levée have been invited to open – drummer Tu Chia-Chin 涂嘉欽 must be busy then with Elephant Gym, as they announce that 黃堂軒 Sam Huang from Gigantic Roar will be filling in.


Try to update our discogs page by my terrible English.Take a look if you are interesting

Some good instrumental rock in there!  =D    I think we’ve featured both Summer Fades Away 时过夏末 and Sparrow.

p.s. If I were to rephrase, I might change it to: Trying to update our discographies page with my terrible English. Take a look if you are interested.

Good Beer週休八日 My 8 Day Weekend, and FranFran Chen?  


Interesting that guitarist 江鎮宇 is not present. (Both he and Fran are in Frandé 法蘭黛樂團)  江鎮宇 is still listed as a member of My 8 Day Weekend.  We’ve seen musicians missing from certain gigs because they are busy with another band on the same day, but obviously there was no conflict with a Frandé gig.

Kane Wu YT has the full set uploaded, 6 clips in all.  Mumu is playing her acoustic gtr in all of the other songs.

旺福 WonFu was there, too: