Listen to: and paint our pupils with the ashes by tfvsjs

The new tfvsjs album 在 zoi came out 2 weeks ago, and you can hear 3 of the 10 songs at bandcamp, also available to purchase.  Mighty math rock from Hong Kong!   =D

The band are gonna cover a lot of miles on this tour, beginning with Summer Sonic in Tokyo on August 20th:


They play Taiwan Taipei The Wall 8/27淺堤 shallow levée have been invited to open – drummer Tu Chia-Chin 涂嘉欽 must be busy then with Elephant Gym, as they announce that 黃堂軒 Sam Huang from Gigantic Roar will be filling in.


Try to update our discogs page by my terrible English.Take a look if you are interesting

Some good instrumental rock in there!  =D    I think we’ve featured both Summer Fades Away 时过夏末 and Sparrow.

p.s. If I were to rephrase, I might change it to: Trying to update our discographies page with my terrible English. Take a look if you are interested.

Good Beer週休八日 My 8 Day Weekend, and FranFran Chen?  


Interesting that guitarist 江鎮宇 is not present. (Both he and Fran are in Frandé 法蘭黛樂團)  江鎮宇 is still listed as a member of My 8 Day Weekend.  We’ve seen musicians missing from certain gigs because they are busy with another band on the same day, but obviously there was no conflict with a Frandé gig.

Kane Wu YT has the full set uploaded, 6 clips in all.  Mumu is playing her acoustic gtr in all of the other songs.

旺福 WonFu was there, too:


They look about ready to keel over from the heat, but they sound great!   不是桃樂絲 I’m Not Dorothy at Wake Up Festival.  =D

The uploader also had a few clips from 廖文強 Wen Chiang Liao and Bad Nerves Band, I had no idea OmOi (P!SCO) was playing bass with these guys:

Reading on fb that OmOi was special guest for that gig.  She also played with The eXtensions and P!SCO that weekend.  busybusybusy!

百合花  have been regularly re-posting their old songs to fb recently. If you’re like me and just became aware of them this year, this is a great chance to get to know them in depth.   =D

And Shortwave (formerly known as Little Forktail 小剪尾樂團) just posted a new demo today, check it out!

Not sure why they had stopped posting, but Rooftop Audio/Yuchain Wang are very busy lately!  We told you about the DeerMx recording sessions, but other projects are in progress from 記號士 The Sign Of Human南瓜妮歌迷俱樂部 PUMPKINney Fan Club老貓偵探社Cat Detective Agency, and Pilots In The Sky And On The Sea 旅人.  

Pilots went dark for quite awhile, but they poked their heads up to say they were still alive in May, and then they posted “新的我們,six legged wolf” in June.  So I guess that’s their new logo?  Anyway, let’s recall their epic sound from the 2014 ep, Half-naked journey

Pry open your wallet and go buy that 3 song release for $3. at bandcamp! =D

詹森淮 Senhuai Jan just linked to this: A new song from Faye Wong 王菲?!  And a new facebook page: Faye Wong’s Era

This YT channel (Faye Wong’s Era Faye Wong’s Era) may be fairly recent, and it may not be an official channel, but it also has lots of old content, plus some of Leah Dou’s stuff. (Leah is Faye’s daughter)

Always a treat to hear Faye, especially matched with this modern electro/acoustic-ambient music from songwriter/producer 张亚东.  (they’ve worked together extensively in the past).  So gorgeous!  =D

的確是獨立樂團但一點也不單純啊!「13月終了」解惑迷你訪談 – Blow 吹音樂

Lots of info about 13 月終了 Undecimber Fin. in this feature & interview with band members Adlian Chou and Hyman Kang (康雅婷) by 懶摸 over at Blow-StreetVoice.    4 full songs and a little photos set also at the link.   Interview topics include the meaning behind the name, the inspiration for the project. 

I’m as excited as ever about this band! (Although I still do not understand the name.)    Go listen at the link up above or: StreetVoice  SoundCloud 

的確是獨立樂團但一點也不單純啊!「13月終了」解惑迷你訪談 – Blow 吹音樂

Emily 卜星慧 selected her little backpacker guitar and took a ride for Yuran TV 樂人 x Volkswagen.  =D

At the end of the clip you can see they also filmed her playing the song up against the car.

Her Music tour upcoming shows:

8/4 Chengdu 成都@小酒館 紅 April Red卜星慧23號半+ 珂瀾Kelan(成都)

8/6 Hong Kong 香港@Hidden agenda 紅April Red卜星慧23號半+ GDJYB 雞蛋蒸肉餅(香港)+ 日月系

About The Festival | Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival

A bunch of the Malaysian bands we’ve featured are going to play this festival, including Juno and Hanna, mutesite, Liyana Fizi, The Impatient Sisters, and Four Leaf Clover:

Each artist has a profile page with links and festival times.  The site has lots of arts categories besides music.  =D

About The Festival | Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival

Check out 甜約翰 Sweet John.  I think they just formed this year, with 浚瑋 Genie Wu-voc, *Mandark Ravel 梁丹郡 (fr. I Mean Us)-keys/voc, 罐頭-gtr, 阿獎-bass, 小J-drums.    According to Blow-StreetVoice, they used to be called 前身為 Natural Outcome 樂團

Love the m/f vocal mix on this, and the song rocks in an understated way, with power from the rhythm section and finesse in the chords & melodies.  =D

*If you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that this is another project involving Mandark.    See our recent features HERE and HERE.

Follow the clip back to YT to hear 3 more demos from 甜約翰 SweetJohn

香蕉小姐 Miss Banana  The footage is from this past weekend at Ho-Hai-Yan fest., but the audio sounds like a studio recording.  I like it!  Peppy, yet slightly dramatic, reminds me of their song 於是我看見飛船 (Then I Saw The Spaceship) from a few years ago. (Go listen to that if you get a chance)  =D