New Cherie Ko 高欣亿Ted Takeshi Doré (ドレテッド武) project: TOMGIRL

Official Site.  The mailing list is HERE.    2nd photo is their first jam with the full band, last week.  Their s/t debut album is coming out Sept. 2nd.  =D

Cherie Ko’s other projects include PastelpowerCherie & Ferry, Bored Spies, and she plays guitar in Obedient Wives Club (I think she ‘retired’ Pastelpower last year. Bored Spies was a one-off trio collab, but it was very cool!) Actually, maybe you also know her from her talktothewalls acoustic covers YouTube channel? That’s where I first heard her– lots of lovely covers on that channel as well as her other YT channel, DropDeadKxy. So how many Cherie web links is that, anyway?  LOL, when you read about the Internet running out of web addresses, now you know why.)

Okay, let’s check out the first TOMGIRL MV:

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