Roundup from fb:

The new ep 閉上眼睛 from Hello Nico now at iNDIEVOX!   2 of the songs were already shared on StreetVoice, now #1 and #2 in the SV top ten.  =D

Hong Kong mini-fest this Friday: 8月5號(星期五)晚上7點, VS Music 越洋請到台灣熱血搖滾系樂團「P!SCO 」嚟到西灣河蒲吧HangOut!仲有本地數字搖滾樂團「 話梅鹿 – Prune Deer 」、Melodic Rock 「 Peri M 」及流行搖滾「 EMPTY HK 」!更特邀亞洲知名鼓手及音樂製作人作為神秘嘉賓!萬勿錯過!

蘇運瑩 苏苏 posted a rehearsal clip, you can see Forgood Sound’s Chien-Chi Chen 陳建騏 observing. (We could see him doing the same in Waa’s rehearsal photo we posted last week; He is obviously very involved in overseeing both recording & concert production!)  SueSu’s Legacy show on the 7th is sold out.

Finally, one thing I love to see is when a band displays their new cd/ep packaging and art. Seeing their pride and excitement kinda brings a tear to my eye!  That’s 好樂團 GoodBand with their new ep, 我把我的青春給你.  The release show is this Sunday at Apa mini, and it is sold out!  =D

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